Ninth House
Reviews / May 8, 2021

by Leigh Bardugo In this book we follow Alex who’s been chosen to join a secret society at Yale because of her ability to see Grays, the spirits of the dead. She has a very troubled past and … well, that’s about as much as I can really remember without spoiling the whole plot in the intro to this review.  I don’t know what I was expecting going into this book, but the build-up for this book, the hints and details we got as this was being written, the marketing of the book, it all focused on these secret orders at Yale, yet this book was not about that, at all. Sure it takes place at  Yale, and the orders are present, and perhaps part of the plot, but it’s not about them.  To be honest, I’m not even sure what the book is about. There’s not really any plot here, there a mystery surrounding the strange behaviors of the Grays, and a murdered woman. Yet this isn’t really a murder mystery, while at the same time, it is. We also have the mystery of one of the POV characters having gone missing, and the details of this event is…