Spin the Dawn
Reviews / April 19, 2021

by Elizabeth Lim Quick summary is that this book follows Maia who has to disguise herself as her brother to partake in a trial/competition to become the emperor’s new tailor. It’s said to Mulan crossed with Project Runway, which sort of is true but also not.  I like the writing a lot here, and it’s an easy read that never really makes me stop and wonder what’s going on. It’s a straight line, easy to follow, good worldbuilding, nice characters and overall an okay read.  This book, however, doesn’t stand out to me. It’s kind of generic in a way, which is a shame because the premise is really good and the world could have been wonderful. There was so much potential here that perhaps I was just disappointed that my own expectations weren’t met.  The main characters is likeable, which is great, and I feel for her and I want her to succeed. I can’t really see the likeness to Mulan here though, apart from the “has to dress up as a boy” part of the story. But it feels like that part isn’t even developed well enough to matter. It’s never a problem for her posing as her…

In the Ravenous Dark
Reviews / April 7, 2021

by A.M. Strickland Rovan is a 19 year old bloodmage in hiding, doing what she can to avoid the kingdom’s other bloodmages who have been assigned undead spirits as guardians. It’s a way for the king to control them and their power, and Rovan is determined to remain unknown to the king and therefore also unguarded. But when her lover and friend Bethea has an accident, Rovan uses her bloodmagic to save her life, exposing herself as a bloodmage. She’s instantly brought to the palace by the king’s men and is assigned a guardian of her own. Desperate to escape, she befriends some unlikely people in the palace and together they uncover secrets that will change everything and destroy their kingdom. In the Ravenous Dark is an interesting read. It’s full of queer representation in a way that doesn’t focus on the queer experience, but it’s treated as any romance subplot, the romance just happens to be f/f, m/f/f etc. And there’s also representation of nonbinary and asexual characters in the book, which is another thing I really like about it.  So, the queer rep here is prominent, it’s a big part of the book the way they discuss their…

Mistborn – The Final Empire
Reviews / April 6, 2021

by Brandon Sanderson So the time has finally come when I finish the first book in the Mistborn trilogy. And I’m very conflicted and find it hard to write this review. I had heard so many great things about this series, been recommended it by I don’t know how many people. I suppose my expectations might have been set a little too high here. The book is good, no doubt about it, but is it great? I’m not sure. I like fast books where things happen all the time, where there’s little time to rest. I’m perhaps impatient, I want to get to the resolution and don’t have time for meandering along paths that don’t lead straight to where I want to go. And this book is far from a fast read. I should have known it wouldn’t be considering what I know about Sanderson and his writing, but I was still surprised about the level of “slowness” that this book gave me. So, to actually get into the review. We follow Kelsier and Vin, two people with a rare magical gift that makes them able to ingest and use metals to alter their physical world and/or the people that…