mix bloods cover
Mix Bloods
Reviews / December 21, 2020

by Bobbie Gott In this book we follow Celestria Slavic, who is what would be similar to the princess of the vampire covens. Being a purebred vampire, she’s the next in line to take over after her father. Until then, she works with the newly turned vampires called Mix Bloods. At the beginning of the book, Celestria is forced to marry one of her students, Killian. This starts a spiral of events that leads to Celestria realizing that the coven keeps many secrets. Now, she must find a way to survive. So, I think this book is very interesting with a good premise. It has vampires and blood and a good plot with interesting characters. I can see how those who love vampire stories will enjoy this. It’s a rather traditional style of vampire that we’re introduced to here, which for me is a good thing. They are not good, but at the same time they are not all evil either. It makes them very real and interesting. This is a fast read and I appreciate that it’s not bogged down with exposition and unnecessary descriptions. It moves fast and things happen all the time and we move from one…