Reviews / June 29, 2015

by Veronica Roth The third installment of this series was for me the least enjoyable. The plot, the twists and the characters didn’t feel real anymore and it all sort of felt forced. I had hoped to get a resolution to the conflict that had started this whole series, but instead we’re here thrown into something completely different and the thing that the two other books have been building up to sort of got forgotten a bit. The best part about this book was the alternating POV’s that enabled me to get into Four’s head. It was nice to be able to see how he tough and felt, but somehow I wished he’d have kept some of his personality from Divergent a bit more. In this book  he’s kind of changing from a tough guy to that of a scared little wimp at times and I don’t like that. I get his love for Tris (well I don’t really get why he likes her, but I get that he does) but loving someone doesn’t have to make you chance into someone else. The book is written in an easy way that makes it fast to read and there is certainly…

Reviews / June 25, 2015

by Veronica Roth I didn’t like this as much as I liked the first one, but it was still good and I kept struggling with putting it down, I wanted to know the end. But, not because I cared for Tris, but because I cared for Four. I hated Tris in this book and as far as I’m concerned she was weak and annoying and was starting to become mean to Four. He should have picked a girl that would treat him well. Just like in the first book, I think the author managed to describe the world in a great way and I really got an image in my mind and that’s something I really like. I want to see the world and Veronica Roth really made that possible.

Golden Son
Reviews / June 13, 2015

by Pierce Brown Having fallen completely in love with the first book in this series (red rising) I was so excited to start this book. It began quite nicely, but unfortunately I found that it soon started to drag a bit. There were so many new words and names and places that my mind felt like it was about to explode. There was Rip Wings and people of all colors and Obsidians and whatnot and they blasted each other from space and…I don’t know. It just got too much for me and it made me unable to keep track of the plot and the progress. Eventually I had to put the book down and step away cause it just didn’t work for me. And I was so excited about it and I was so disappointed and I really really wanted to love it. And Sevro, where did the attitude go? I want him back. However, with this ending, Pierce Brown sure made sure I would pick up the third novel in this series too, so way to go there, (I still hate the ending though).

Reviews / June 11, 2015

by Suzanne Collins I really liked the first book, the second was OK, but the third…it was bad. Not only did it feel rushed and sloppy, it also made me care less about Katniss and what happened to her. There was nothing happening, but at the same time there was a lot. But the things that happened rushed by so fast that there wasn’t time to think about it and there were almost no reactions to the things that happened. I had to reread so much to understand what was going on. I seemed like the plot of the story pushed the character and not as much the character causing the events. I could see “the strings behind the scene” so to speak and it was just too obvious that this was a piece of fiction written by someone rather than giving me the feeling that I followed Katniss through her experiences. The author did this so well in the first book that I’m truly surprised about the sloppiness of this third book in the series. Maybe she was rushed when she wrote it, maybe there wasn’t as much time and though put into it as in the Hunger Games….

Catching Fire
Reviews / June 10, 2015

by Suzanne Collins After such a great first book I was excited about this one, but it didn’t do much for me at all. The beginning was slow, really slow, and it took forever to get into it. I kept waiting for some action, but nothing happened. Then as soon as the new games began, the book took off and I enjoyed it. But why the horribly dragging beginning? Even though this book had a lot of similarities to the first one in the series, I still think Suzanne Collins managed to make the games in this one unique. There was a lot of intrigue between the characters and a lot of unexpected twists and turns, which kept the book interesting. Just like I felt Peeta was way to underdeveloped in the first book, that feeling stayed through this one. I don’t know what it is about his character, but to me he doesn’t feel real. He falls flat for me and I wish the author had spent more time developing him to get him to feel more real and more sincere. Katniss was less active in this book I feel too, and I would have wanted her to do…

Reviews / June 8, 2015

by Veronica Roth Unfortunately I watched the movie before reading this book, which probably influenced my opinion about it. But even if I liked the movie better, I found the book to be very good. I read it in just a few hours and I didn’t want to stop. Read the first and the second in the series on one day. I find (compared to the movie) that the time line and the order that things happen to be slightly confusing, but I don’t want to that to affect my rating since I am sure I wouldn’t have reacted to it had I not seen the movie. The writing is good and I find it easy to read and it just enough amount descriptions to make me feel the surroundings etc. I couldn’t stop reading and I always felt like I needed to know what happened so I had to keep going. I feel like there may be a bit too many characters present in the book and it can at times get confusing who’s who and all that, but overall I think Veronica Roth did a great job with this book. Somehow though, I failed to connect with Tris….

Hunger Games
Reviews / June 8, 2015

by Suzanne Collins This book has a unique story with lots of action and suspense and you’re hooked from the start and you don’t get a chance to put the book down. The writing is simple yet descriptive and makes the reader see this strange world from Katniss’ eyes. And in the beginning I like Katniss a lot. She’s a strong young woman who stands up for herself and protests against this strange government. But the longer the story progresses, I started feeling that she turned into nothing but a whining and being completely annoying girl, still I can get how that can happen to someone being put into her situation (but I still don’t like the change and I don’t really see why it’s there). Most of the characters felt real to me and the relationships were clear. Although I never ever got that Peeta plus Katniss feeling. There was just nothing there for me and Peeta felt false and manipulative and Katniss was immensely dense and stupid. Everyone in the book kept saying how great Peeta was and that Katniss should be lucky to have a guy like him etc, but I never saw it. What made him…

Reviews / April 10, 2015

by Marie Lu This will be the shortest review ever, but I honestly can’t even remember what the book was about. The moment I finished the last page, all of it was just gone. I think this book was a terrible ending to a terrible series. Totally forgettable and a waste of time. Sorry.

Reviews / April 9, 2015

by Marie Lu I only read this because I had bought the whole trilogy in a box set. I didn’t like the first one (it was simply ok), but this was a real fight to read. I didn’t feel any connection to the characters, not their story or the plot. The writing isn’t bad though, it’s just that the story doesn’t work for me at all. I read it in the end of 2014 and today, about 6 months later, when I am writing this, I don’t even remember what it was about. That’s the kind of impact it had on me.

Reviews / April 8, 2015

by Marie Lu I probably had set my expectations too high when getting this book because I got very disappointed. Not only did I find the story to be slow and hard to keep track of, there were just not enough momentum to keep my interest. I forced myself to read it and struggled with completing at least one chapter each night. The book is also riddled with completely unnecessary parts that could easily have been deleted from the book. I mean seriously, what’s the point in having a 1000 word long scene describing the main characters dream and then ending it with something in the line of: “and then I woke up and don’t remember a thing”? Then whyyyy did I have to read about it? It doesn’t do anything to the story, nor to the characters development, it’s just rambling. There were good parts in it for sure and it’s definitely not the worst I have read, but I just can’t see the hype and the praise it got.