4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace
Reviews / January 11, 2017

by Johan Twiss Having read the novel SIM 299 by the same author and really loved it, I was intrigued to see he had released another novel. I couldn’t wait to get started even though this was a bit different than the previous novel. In 4 Years Trapped in My Mind we follow Aaron, a young boy with a rare form of meningitis. He is paralyzed from head to toe and everyone thinks he’s unable to see or hear what goes on around him. His parents have sent him to be cared for in a sort of retirement home where he spends his days trying to cope with the fact he’s trapped in his own body without any way to communicate. That is until he receives a roommate, an elderly jazz-musician with dementia who for some reason can hear his thoughts. The reader gets to tag along as Aaron learns more about his new friend Solomon’s exciting life and as Aaron begins to break free from his prison. This story is as much a story of growing up as it is of what life is all about. It’s heartbreaking to imagine what kind of life Aaron must have had before…

In Truth & Ashes
Reviews / December 29, 2016

by Nicole Luiken The final installment of the Otherselves series and it mostly takes place in the True World where we meet Belinda. Belinda is from a First Family, basically royalty in the True World. She is to be bonded with a boy chosen by her family. But the bonding process goes terribly wrong and it’s reveal that Belinda is already bonded, something that could only have happened during the time she was kidnapped as a child by Malachi. She sets out to get revenge and brings along her childhood friend Damian. This third novel in the series is probably the best one if you ask me. I love how a lot of things a put in to place like a puzzle here and things are explained and explored in both the True World but also the four mirror worlds. Belinda’s otherselves are always there in the background and even if their original quests differ they all come to work together to achieve the same goal in the end. It’s easy to see why the third novel is the best one and in my opinion it’s mostly because it focuses on the same world almost the entire time. This provides…

Amid Wind & Stone
Reviews / December 29, 2016

by Nicole Luiken This is the second book in the Otherselves series and I received this novel in exchange for an honest review. In the first book, Leah lost her soul mate Gideon and fought together with her otherself Holly to protect Gideon’s otherself from the same fate. They managed to save Ryan on water world and now the time has come to the two other mirror worlds, air and stone. Here we are introduced to Dorotea from Stone and Audrey from Air. War is coming to Audrey’s city and an angry Goddess in threatening to destroy Dorotea’s home. As if this wasn’t enough, now they have to learn about the mirror worlds and help save a soul mate they haven’t even met yet. As I started this book my first thought was that the transfer from Leah and her world to the new worlds wasn’t as smooth as it could have been. It felt a bit rushed and somehow these new worlds and new characters were pushed upon me and I wasn’t sure what was happening. I wanted to continue the story from the first novel, but I got stuck with something completely new with nothing leading back to…

Through Fire and Sea
Reviews / December 29, 2016

by Nicole Luiken In this book we begin by following a girl named Leah and her life in a world full of volcanoes and dukes who can talk to them. Leah is the illegitimate child of one of these dukes and is forced by her father to impersonate his “real” daughter and leave to be an apprentice with a woman called Qeturah.  Here Leah finds out about the true world and the four mirror worlds – fire, water, stone and air. With Qeturah’s guidance Leah learns to call her otherself, Holly, on water world. When Leah finds her soul mate in the son of a volcano lord, she does what she can to help Qeturah save him from a dangerous curse.  But as Leah learns of Qeturah’s true objective she has to work with her otherself Holly to prevent the mirror worlds from shattering. When beginning to read this book I was instantly drawn to Leah and the world she lived in. It was interesting and written beautifully and I couldn’t put the book down. I loved learning about Leah’s life and her struggle with her father, whom she had been looking at from a distance for so many years,…

Reviews / November 17, 2016

by Sharon M. Johnston Shattered is the second book in the Open Heart series by Sharon M. Johnston. I really enjoyed the first book in the series (Divided) and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the sequel. In this book the main character, Misha, is on a quest to find and rescue them before their evil twin kills them. A quest that by no means is as easy as I might sound. During this time we also get to follow Misha and her relationship with Ryder in more detail since half of the book is written from Ryder’s point of view. After reading Shattered I do wish I had read the first book again before starting the sequel. I found myself feeling a bit lost and I didn’t recognize the characters even though this book basically picks up right where the first one ends. I do think it would have been much different had I read Divided again. The book is very well written, and just like Divided, this book is full of surprises and twists. You can never guess what will happen next and I love it. I did struggle a bit with keeping Misha’s and Ryder’s POV…

Reviews / August 29, 2016

by Ryan O’Sullivan & Plaid Klaus Turncoat is a somewhat humoristic riff of some of our most well known superheroes.  They are not exactly mentioned by name in this comic, but it isn’t hard to find characters that resemble Batman, Superman etc. This story is about a man called Duke, he’s part of a group of superhero assassins. Duke however really sucks at his job, but being completely unaware of this, he sets out to kill one of the biggest superheroes in the world. Kind of makes up for a great plot there. This comic has a lot of humor to it, but at the same time you can’t really say that the art is particularly “child friendly”. There is a lot of blood and a lot of splasher-like deaths and injuries pictured here, still done in a comic way though so no need to be grossed out. I think the art it amazing, not to mention the wonderful cover, and the plot is original and fun. The characters are well developed and you will find loads of twists and turns you probably didn’t see coming. This comic has everything a comic need and all pieces are placed exactly in…

Reviews / August 26, 2016

by Johan Twiss I AM SLEEPLESS: Sim 299 is a very unique and interesting book about a young boy named Aidan. He is what they call a Prime, a person with enhanced abilities and powers given to them through injections when they are infants. With the powers comes a cost, a defect. Most defects are pretty severe and affect the life of the Prime in question, but Aidan is a bit special since he has multiple powers and a defect that might not even be classified as one. His defect it is the inability to sleep. He is sleepless… I received this book quite a long time ago, but due to different circumstances I wasn’t able to read it until now, and not when I’m finished I truly wish I had gotten to it much sooner. This book was a true delight to read and once I started I couldn’t stop. I love how the book drags you in to this world and its characters. The author has truly written this book well and his words easily transform into vivid pictures in my mind when I read. It felt like I was there with Aidan and his friends on this…

Perfectly Imperfect
Reviews / June 19, 2016

by Tom Hoefner The first two books in this series introduced us to the McCloud family and in a very fun way they author told the story of young Cookie and uncle Race. They have been on the search for missing members of the McCloud family and this third installment picks up right where the second one left us (with yet another cliffhanger). This time the team is focusing on finding the reason behind the mysterious disappearances. Cookie and Race make up a fun team and together with vigilante/superhero The Green Suit Jacket Man (don’t you just love that name), they are making this read very much enjoyable. This third book was full of interesting twists and a lot of fun comments from the author. The ending was also very enjoyable and for a series with lots of cliffhangers, I was pleased to see the story being wrapped up nicely in the end, but without taking away the possibility for future stories. The author has yet again done a great job and I really enjoyed reading this novel. It’s light and fun and filled with action. I highly recommend this for anyone who’s up for some quick and easy reading…

Those Who Remain
Reviews / June 10, 2016

by Ian Blackport Those Who Remain is a post-apocalyptic young adult novel where we get to meet the two sisters Mallory and McKayla. They are trying to survive in a world where most of humanity has been wiped out by what they call the Stricken. The story is about these two young girls trying to find a safe home. During their travels they have to make hard decisions and grow up fast if they want to survive. Those Who Remain is a well written book and it shows Ian knows how to write. There’s a lot of detail and not once do you feel left out of the action. The description of the surroundings is written in a way that you will find yourself inside the story and you want to know that happens next. Ian also makes it easy to care for these two girls and you want them to succeed. I do however feel like the book might be a bit too long and some of the story ends up getting repetitive after a while. I would have loved to see it shortened quite a bit, which would have increased the pace and made it easier to read….

Reviews / December 13, 2015

by Summer Wier When I got a copy of Link through NetGalley I didn’t know much about this novel at all. I liked the cover and had seen a few people promote the novel on Twitter, but I had not read what it was about. When I started out I didn’t have much expectation and it was a long time since I read a book that I felt like I didn’t want to put away, so when this book hooked me from the start I have to say I was happily surprised. The novel is basically about a girl who has an accident and then finds herself in another world while she’s sleeping. The first few chapters were a bit confusing, but still intriguing, and it was a bit hard to understand this whole dream thing. But after a while it all became clear and interesting and I just had to know what was going on. The characters in the book are well developed and I instantly connected with the main character. I also like a lot of the worldbuilding, it is OK, but I do think that it should be made more clear throughout the novel that the main…