Heart of Malice
Reviews / August 19, 2017

by Lisa Edmonds Alice Worth is a mage, a rather powerful one too. As a child, her grandfather took advantage of that fact and, after killing her parents, forced her to do his dirty work. It was a work that included so much evil that she eventually faked her own death to escape. Now, her new life as Alice is much more peaceful, and as a PI she now uses her powers to do good. But when a routine case turns sinister, Alice must take care not to expose herself while at the same time helping her client find the truth. The first chapter of this book really turned me off and I just sighed and felt like I made a mistake to agree to reading it. I felt like it was cliché and I found lots of mistakes and things that didn’t quite make sense. But… even if I was so close to quitting there and then, I decided to read the next chapter too. And I’m so glad that I did. The second chapter was nothing like the first one and luckily the whole book continued in the same way as the second chapter. Also, the first chapter…

Gerome Sticks His Neck Out
Reviews / July 3, 2017

by Baxter’s Corner Gerome sticks his neck out In this children’s book we meet Gerome, the giraffe. He’s much taller than everyone else and feels quite ashamed of his height. He finds a way to blend it with his friends, but it doesn’t feel right and he struggles with his identity, he’s a giraffe after all and keeping a low profile is very ungiraffable. Then one day when Gerome sees someone being bullied and while helping the victim, he discovers the benefits of his height and makes a new friend. This book is fun and short and also deals with a serious topic that many children might face. It will teach them that being true to yourself is always the best course and that you should stand up against bullying and take care of each other. After the main storyline is completed there is a whole section of the book dedicated to discussing the events in the book and what the book means. There are also some fun facts about giraffes and other little fun bits for kids to think about. I find that this short story fits well into every kids book collection and it’s a great way to…

Fallen Flame
Reviews / July 3, 2017

by J.M. Miller Vala is born different from those around her, and every day she has to deal with people’s fear and their stares. Born with charred skin that burns at touch, she is said to be cursed. Vala works as a guard and is appointed the job to protect the Prince, a boy she grew up alongside with and considers to be a friend. When there is an attempt at the prince’s life, Vala gets demoted and while trying to get to the truth about the attempted assassination, Vala discovers thins about herself that has been kept hidden from her. Fallen Flame is a wonderfully crafted fantasy novel that takes the reader into a unique world with well developed characters and a storyline that keeps you turning the pages. I did find the story a bit slow to get into, but at around 20% in, I couldn’t stop reading. The world is very interesting, and I find the characters to be diverse and much different from one another. I like this a lot and it made the story feel more real. I do, however, find that the backstory at times was “info dumped” on the reader, making it difficult…

Reviews / June 14, 2017

by Scott Reintgen Young Emmett certainly isn’t one of the winner in the lottery of life. His mother is very ill, his father works himself tired to provide for his family and pay the medical bills. So when Emmet it approached by Babel, a powerful corporation, and is offered money beyond his wildest dreams, and the chance to change his family’s long dark history, he jumps at the opportunity, even through there are signs that Babel is hiding important information. Stuck on a spaceship with other boys and girls just like him, they are forced to fight for points. In the end, only eight of them will go to the planet Eden and change their fates, the other two are to be send back home as losers. But as the days pass, he can’t help to question Babel’s intentions and hidden agenda. Something isn’t quite like it should. Nyxia is a fast paced, action-filled novel that captures your attention from the first line. It draws you in and it’s hard to let go. The cast is by far the most ethnically diverse I’ve seen in YA, and I love how it features people from all around the world. I also…

The Corner Office
Reviews / June 4, 2017

by Katerina Baker In the Corner Office we follow Tara, a hard-working woman in the run for a well-deserved promotion. In her way stands a man who’s not afraid to throw her under the bus if he needs to. The two of them have been fighting for over fifteen years and Tara can’t wait to put him in his place and get the promotion they both want. But an unexpected love-affair with a new coworker turns into something more sinister and changes everything. The Corner Office is marketed as a contemporary romance, and I suppose that’s when I usually turn away and choose to read something else. I’m not a fan of contemporary, and especially romance novels tend to make me want to roll my eyes and hide somewhere. But I liked the premise of this novel despite it all, and I am truly happy that I took the chance to read it. Underneath the romance is an exciting plot that made me eager to turn the page, and before I knew it the book was finished. The writing is solid and the pacing is fast and constantly intriguing. I love the fact that it’s written in first person, this…

The Supes
Reviews / April 10, 2017

by Matthew Pritt In The Supes we follow the son of a world renowned Super who can turn himself invisible. But Slip Stephenson doesn’t come near his father’s super power, and all he can do is to turn himself completely black. Totally the lamest super power of all time. Slip is a student at the School for Underage Power Enhancement and Refinement (SUPER), and after years of failing his Super-exam (cause what use can turning black really be) he is now on his last year. Either he must pass the test or he will have to live his life as a regular civilian. Slip does not want to be “normal”, but how can he pass the test with his lame super power? Slip and his fellow classmates, who are in the same position, has to work together as a team and make the best of their useless super powers if they are to make it in the Super world. I found the premise of this novel to be quite intriguing even though I’ve already had my share of superhero novels. I thought it was impossible to make something new in this genre, and it was with a lot of skepticism…

Wizard’s Key
Reviews / April 3, 2017

by Mitch Reinhardt In Wizard’s Key, which is the first book in The Darkwolf Saga, we get to know a boy named Geoff. Geoff is a bit different and he’s bullied at school. When his bully Sawyer one day stops by Geoff’s house to return a book he stole from him at school, the two boys sneak in to Geoff’s father office. Here they find a strange key, which Geoff accidentally activates, and an archway appears in the office. A girl Geoff knows arrives at the house just when Geoff is being sucked into the archway, and in an attempt to save him the three kids get sucked into the archway and ends up in a strange new world. Their new world is filled with dangers and all the three kids want to do is return home, something that turns out to be much more difficult than one can imagine. Not only does this new world lie on the brink of war, the kids are also stalked by a mysterious creature that will stop at nothing to end their journey. Overall, I found this book to be really enjoyable. I was sucked in to the story and I wanted to…

4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace
Reviews / January 11, 2017

by Johan Twiss Having read the novel SIM 299 by the same author and really loved it, I was intrigued to see he had released another novel. I couldn’t wait to get started even though this was a bit different than the previous novel. In 4 Years Trapped in My Mind we follow Aaron, a young boy with a rare form of meningitis. He is paralyzed from head to toe and everyone thinks he’s unable to see or hear what goes on around him. His parents have sent him to be cared for in a sort of retirement home where he spends his days trying to cope with the fact he’s trapped in his own body without any way to communicate. That is until he receives a roommate, an elderly jazz-musician with dementia who for some reason can hear his thoughts. The reader gets to tag along as Aaron learns more about his new friend Solomon’s exciting life and as Aaron begins to break free from his prison. This story is as much a story of growing up as it is of what life is all about. It’s heartbreaking to imagine what kind of life Aaron must have had before…

In Truth & Ashes
Reviews / December 29, 2016

by Nicole Luiken The final installment of the Otherselves series and it mostly takes place in the True World where we meet Belinda. Belinda is from a First Family, basically royalty in the True World. She is to be bonded with a boy chosen by her family. But the bonding process goes terribly wrong and it’s reveal that Belinda is already bonded, something that could only have happened during the time she was kidnapped as a child by Malachi. She sets out to get revenge and brings along her childhood friend Damian. This third novel in the series is probably the best one if you ask me. I love how a lot of things a put in to place like a puzzle here and things are explained and explored in both the True World but also the four mirror worlds. Belinda’s otherselves are always there in the background and even if their original quests differ they all come to work together to achieve the same goal in the end. It’s easy to see why the third novel is the best one and in my opinion it’s mostly because it focuses on the same world almost the entire time. This provides…

Amid Wind & Stone
Reviews / December 29, 2016

by Nicole Luiken This is the second book in the Otherselves series and I received this novel in exchange for an honest review. In the first book, Leah lost her soul mate Gideon and fought together with her otherself Holly to protect Gideon’s otherself from the same fate. They managed to save Ryan on water world and now the time has come to the two other mirror worlds, air and stone. Here we are introduced to Dorotea from Stone and Audrey from Air. War is coming to Audrey’s city and an angry Goddess in threatening to destroy Dorotea’s home. As if this wasn’t enough, now they have to learn about the mirror worlds and help save a soul mate they haven’t even met yet. As I started this book my first thought was that the transfer from Leah and her world to the new worlds wasn’t as smooth as it could have been. It felt a bit rushed and somehow these new worlds and new characters were pushed upon me and I wasn’t sure what was happening. I wanted to continue the story from the first novel, but I got stuck with something completely new with nothing leading back to…