by Lisa Edmonds Alice Worth is a mage, a rather powerful one too. As a child, her grandfather took advantage of that fact and, after killing her parents, forced her to do his dirty work. It was a work that included so much evil that she eventually faked her own death to escape. Now, her new life as Alice is much more peaceful, and as a PI she now uses her powers to do good. But when a routine case turns sinister, Alice must take care not to ex...

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by Baxter’s Corner Gerome sticks his neck out In this children’s book we meet Gerome, the giraffe. He’s much taller than everyone else and feels quite ashamed of his height. He finds a way to blend it with his friends, but it doesn’t feel right and he struggles with his identity, he’s a giraffe after all and keeping a low profile is very ungiraffable. Then one day when Gerome sees someone being bullied and while helping the victim, he di...

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by J.M. Miller Vala is born different from those around her, and every day she has to deal with people’s fear and their stares. Born with charred skin that burns at touch, she is said to be cursed. Vala works as a guard and is appointed the job to protect the Prince, a boy she grew up alongside with and considers to be a friend. When there is an attempt at the prince’s life, Vala gets demoted and while trying to get to the truth about the atte...

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by Scott Reintgen Young Emmett certainly isn’t one of the winner in the lottery of life. His mother is very ill, his father works himself tired to provide for his family and pay the medical bills. So when Emmet it approached by Babel, a powerful corporation, and is offered money beyond his wildest dreams, and the chance to change his family’s long dark history, he jumps at the opportunity, even through there are signs that Babel is hiding impo...

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by Katerina Baker In the Corner Office we follow Tara, a hard-working woman in the run for a well-deserved promotion. In her way stands a man who’s not afraid to throw her under the bus if he needs to. The two of them have been fighting for over fifteen years and Tara can’t wait to put him in his place and get the promotion they both want. But an unexpected love-affair with a new coworker turns into something more sinister and changes everythi...

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by Matthew Pritt In The Supes we follow the son of a world renowned Super who can turn himself invisible. But Slip Stephenson doesn’t come near his father’s super power, and all he can do is to turn himself completely black. Totally the lamest super power of all time. Slip is a student at the School for Underage Power Enhancement and Refinement (SUPER), and after years of failing his Super-exam (cause what use can turning black really be) he i...

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by Mitch Reinhardt In Wizard’s Key, which is the first book in The Darkwolf Saga, we get to know a boy named Geoff. Geoff is a bit different and he’s bullied at school. When his bully Sawyer one day stops by Geoff’s house to return a book he stole from him at school, the two boys sneak in to Geoff’s father office. Here they find a strange key, which Geoff accidentally activates, and an archway appears in the office. A girl Geoff knows ar...

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by Johan Twiss Having read the novel SIM 299 by the same author and really loved it, I was intrigued to see he had released another novel. I couldn’t wait to get started even though this was a bit different than the previous novel. In 4 Years Trapped in My Mind we follow Aaron, a young boy with a rare form of meningitis. He is paralyzed from head to toe and everyone thinks he’s unable to see or hear what goes on around him. His parents have se...

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by Nicole Luiken The final installment of the Otherselves series and it mostly takes place in the True World where we meet Belinda. Belinda is from a First Family, basically royalty in the True World. She is to be bonded with a boy chosen by her family. But the bonding process goes terribly wrong and it’s reveal that Belinda is already bonded, something that could only have happened during the time she was kidnapped as a child by Malachi. She ...

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by Nicole Luiken This is the second book in the Otherselves series and I received this novel in exchange for an honest review. In the first book, Leah lost her soul mate Gideon and fought together with her otherself Holly to protect Gideon’s otherself from the same fate. They managed to save Ryan on water world and now the time has come to the two other mirror worlds, air and stone. Here we are introduced to Dorotea from Stone and Audrey from ...

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Through Fire and Sea
Reviews / December 29, 2016

by Nicole Luiken In this book we begin by following a girl named Leah and her life in a world full of volcanoes and dukes who can talk to them. Leah is the illegitimate child of one of these dukes and is forced by her father to impersonate his “real” daughter and leave to be an apprentice with a woman called Qeturah.  Here Leah finds out about the true world and the four mirror worlds – fire, water, stone and air. With Qeturah’s guid...

Reviews / November 17, 2016

by Sharon M. Johnston Shattered is the second book in the Open Heart series by Sharon M. Johnston. I really enjoyed the first book in the series (Divided) and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the sequel. In this book the main character, Misha, is on a quest to find and rescue them before their evil twin kills them. A quest that by no means is as easy as I might sound. During this time we also get to follow Misha and her relationship ...

Reviews / August 29, 2016

by Ryan O’Sullivan & Plaid Klaus Turncoat is a somewhat humoristic riff of some of our most well known superheroes.  They are not exactly mentioned by name in this comic, but it isn’t hard to find characters that resemble Batman, Superman etc. This story is about a man called Duke, he’s part of a group of superhero assassins. Duke however really sucks at his job, but being completely unaware of this, he sets out to kill one...

Reviews / August 26, 2016

by Johan Twiss I AM SLEEPLESS: Sim 299 is a very unique and interesting book about a young boy named Aidan. He is what they call a Prime, a person with enhanced abilities and powers given to them through injections when they are infants. With the powers comes a cost, a defect. Most defects are pretty severe and affect the life of the Prime in question, but Aidan is a bit special since he has multiple powers and a defect that might no...

Perfectly Imperfect
Reviews / June 19, 2016

by Tom Hoefner The first two books in this series introduced us to the McCloud family and in a very fun way they author told the story of young Cookie and uncle Race. They have been on the search for missing members of the McCloud family and this third installment picks up right where the second one left us (with yet another cliffhanger). This time the team is focusing on finding the reason behind the mysterious disappearances. Cooki...

Those Who Remain
Reviews / June 10, 2016

by Ian Blackport Those Who Remain is a post-apocalyptic young adult novel where we get to meet the two sisters Mallory and McKayla. They are trying to survive in a world where most of humanity has been wiped out by what they call the Stricken. The story is about these two young girls trying to find a safe home. During their travels they have to make hard decisions and grow up fast if they want to survive. Those Who Remain is a well w...

An explanation
Blog / June 10, 2016

I just wanted to make a short post and explain and apologize to everyone for being completely MIA for a while now. Short version is that I’m pregnant and is expecting my first child within a months time. I sort of thought this time would have enabled me to read a lot and do lots of reviews, but unfortunately it rather made me extremely tired and exhausted and without any inspiration for reading. I tried reading a few books a wh...

Shades of Sydney release
Blog / January 12, 2016

My friend and critique partner Brittney Coon is celebrating the release of her first novel today. The book is called Shades of Sydney and it’s a New Adult Romance. Below you’ll find some more detail about the book and some information about the author. I’ll also be posting a review of the book in a few days. ————– Shades of Sydney by Brittney Coon Sydney West enjoys sampling summer boys...

Reviews / December 13, 2015

by Summer Wier When I got a copy of Link through NetGalley I didn’t know much about this novel at all. I liked the cover and had seen a few people promote the novel on Twitter, but I had not read what it was about. When I started out I didn’t have much expectation and it was a long time since I read a book that I felt like I didn’t want to put away, so when this book hooked me from the start I have to say I was happily surprised. The...

Reviews / December 8, 2015

by Tegan Wren Inconceivable! tells the story of Hatty, an American journalist student currently working in a small nation in Europe. Here she meets John, who turns out to be the prince of Toulene and also the future heir. From this moment we follow Hatty in what can only be described as a quite interesting love story. I think the story quickly develops the main characters and they are easy to follow and they feel real. Hatty also has...