July 23, 2015

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Author: Erika M. Winterlia
Genre: YA Adventure
Finished: 2014

With a dream of freedom and true love, Emily escapes her home for the unknown world outside, but the truth about a forgotten murder becomes a threat to more than just her life.

After years of being treated like a prisoner in her own home, eighteen-year-old Emily has had enough. She will no longer let her parents decide what she can and cannot do with her life. So together with her brother, Emily leaves in search for the life she sees in her dreams, a better life. But every step away from her home only leads her deeper into unexpected danger as an unknown group of people seem to stop at nothing to capture her, claiming to seek revenge for a murder she can’t remember happening.

Rescued by the members of a hidden sanctuary, Emily gets a chance to start over and falls in love with the mysterious bad-boy Matt. But rumors of a traitor hiding amongst them start circling, leaving Emily as their prime suspect. Determined to prove her innocence, she discovers that the hunters know about her whereabouts, and now they not only threaten to destroy everything she worked so hard to find, but also the lives of everyone she has come to love. Now she must fight the urge to run away again and instead stand up for herself and the ones she cares about.

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