July 23, 2015

Author: Erika M. Winterlia
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Finished: 2017 (still unpublished)

Sixteen-year-old Dara faces one of two paths in life: slavery or torture. That’s what you get when you’re bred in a human kennel.

Born into a future where corporations use adoption centers as a cover to secretly breed people for slavery and profit, a girl like Dara has little hope of a bright future, and she knows it. If it weren’t for her promise to protect Sully, her best friend, Dara would have given up a long time ago and let their abusive trainer change her into the mindless slave the corporation wants.

When the trials that mark the transition from trainee to slave conclude Dara will be auctioned off to the reproductive torture chamber, Dara knows this will separate her from Sully and send her into a life of solitude: a fate she cannot accept.

With the help of an unreliable fighter, Dara attempts to escape, but their actions end up putting Sully’s life at risk. Now, Dara must fight to rescue her friend – even if it means betraying the only people who can give her what she seeks: freedom.

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