July 23, 2015

Author: Erika M. Winterlia
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Finished: work in progress

Failure leads to termination. Success means torture.

Born into a world where companies secretly breed people for sport and slavery, sixteen-year-old Daric has little hope of a bright future, and he knows it too. Still, he spent his entire childhood preparing for the tests that will tell him where in the company he will spend the rest of his short life. Doing bad will force him into slavery. Doing well might send him to fight for entertainment.

When the tests ultimately reveal that Daric is something of a protege, he’s sent somewhere much worse. The breeding facility, where he will be forced to bring forth more offspring, until the day his body gives up from the constant torture. This is a fate Daric cannot accept and he does everything in his power to escape his destiny. But his actions lead to consequences that not only put his best friend’s life at risk, but that of an entire human rights group too. Aided by the gorgeous black-haired leader of the human rights group, Daric must fight to rescue his friend’s life – even if it means confronting his greatest fears and betraying the only people who can give him what he seeks, freedom.

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