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January 18, 2018

I’m available for Beta Reading with a strong focus on Developmental Editing.

What is a Beta Reader and why do you need one?
Before you send your manuscript to an editor, or before you start querying agents, you want to obtain objective feedback from multiple sources in order to find what works and what doesn’t in your story. A Beta Reader will read your manuscript and provide constructive criticism focusing the pacing of the story, character development, dialogue and potential plot holes and inconsistencies.

How to find Beta Readers
There are multiple sources online where people offer to beta read for you. Some of them are great, other’s not so much. What I mean by that is that it can be hard to find good Beta Readers who’ll provide you with the information that you need. And as a writer myself, I know how hard it can be to find the good ones. I’ve send my manuscripts out to so many people, and only gotten a small percentage of feedback in return. I’ve been Beta Reading and editing for years to writer friends and acquaintances. And now, I thought I’d take it one step further and offer this service to all writers and authors out there.

So, why hire me to Beta Read for you?
• I’m an avid reader and writer.
• I’ve been a Beta Reader and Critique Partner for many authors since 2008.
• I’m honest and will not hesitate to tell you what I think, but I always try to provide constructive feedback so that you can get an idea on how to proceed.
• I’ve worked as a Public Relations Manager and Editor-in-chief and know my way around words.
• The feedback you get from me will not be posted on my blog, or anywhere public. This is a personal thing between you and me.
• I won’t try to rewrite your story “my way”.

What does a Beta Read from me include?
• I will provide you with constructive feedback when it comes to flow, characterization, pacing, worldbuilding.
• I will look for plot holes and things that doesn’t add up.
• I will provide you with inline comments as I read the story where I give you my thoughts and ideas from the perspective of a reader (meaning that I’m not an editor and I’ll not comment on grammar and spelling unless I spot something on the go)
• I will also provide you with a detailed letter where I share my overall thoughts and ideas and tips on how to improve your story.

$50 for manuscripts below 100k words. I currently do not take on manuscripts longer than this. I will also provide you with a free sample of up to 3000 words for free. I use PayPal and will send you an invoice before I begin work, it should be paid in full before I deliver the final critique.

Send me an e-mail to mail@erikawinterlia.com if you are interested in hiring me to Beta Read your manuscript. Please include the genre and length of your manuscript. A short blurb and your desired turnaround time is also appreciated. Please put “Beta Read” in the subject line.

I specialize in YA, but I do accept manuscripts in all genres.

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