The Corner Office

June 4, 2017

by Katerina Baker

In the Corner Office we follow Tara, a hard-working woman in the run for a well-deserved promotion. In her way stands a man who’s not afraid to throw her under the bus if he needs to. The two of them have been fighting for over fifteen years and Tara can’t wait to put him in his place and get the promotion they both want. But an unexpected love-affair with a new coworker turns into something more sinister and changes everything.

The Corner Office is marketed as a contemporary romance, and I suppose that’s when I usually turn away and choose to read something else. I’m not a fan of contemporary, and especially romance novels tend to make me want to roll my eyes and hide somewhere. But I liked the premise of this novel despite it all, and I am truly happy that I took the chance to read it. Underneath the romance is an exciting plot that made me eager to turn the page, and before I knew it the book was finished.

The writing is solid and the pacing is fast and constantly intriguing. I love the fact that it’s written in first person, this makes me feel closer to Tara and I immediately connected with her. She’s strong and determined, but inside there’s a different side to her that doesn’t necessarily show at work. Perhaps she ends up being a bit naïve when it comes to her love-affair with Aidan (and times I want to slap her in the face and tell her she’s an idiot), but I’m not sure one can blame her for it when she’s been alone and solely focused on work for so long.

For the most part I find that the relationship between the characters are genuine, but I do struggle a little bit with how Tara sees Richard. From the start, I thought their bickering sort of was a mutual love/hate thing that they shared. But at the same time, she constantly said she truly hated him and couldn’t even see him as a real person. Her actions towards him didn’t really reflect the things she claimed to feel about him. When it comes to their relationship I also believe that perhaps Richard changed a bit too fast to feel believable. He hadn’t exactly been kind before, so why the sudden change. I do have to add that it might perhaps be that Tara always initiated their quarrels and he just went along with her, and then his change isn’t as sudden as I think. But I’d have to go back and check the story to know if this is the case.

Aidan is another character that perhaps escalated and changed a bit too fast for my liking, it became violent very sudden. There were warning signs there, but perhaps some more signs would have been a good idea before it all “went to hell” so to speak.

But overall, The Corner Office is a very good book with lots of suspense, interesting characters, a theme that fits our current time, and lots of steamy sex. I do have to admit to skipping most of the steamy parts myself though, turns out I’m more of a prude that I thought I’d be.

A solid 4 stars out of 5 from me, and I highly recommend this book. You won’t regret reading it.

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Wrap Up

The Corner Office

  • 8.5/10
  • 9/10
  • 9/10
  • 7.5/10
  • 8/10


  • Great suspense
  • Good writing
  • Fast read
  • Believable characters

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