Through Fire and Sea

December 29, 2016

by Nicole Luiken

In this book we begin by following a girl named Leah and her life in a world full of volcanoes and dukes who can talk to them. Leah is the illegitimate child of one of these dukes and is forced by her father to impersonate his “real” daughter and leave to be an apprentice with a woman called Qeturah.  Here Leah finds out about the true world and the four mirror worlds – fire, water, stone and air. With Qeturah’s guidance Leah learns to call her otherself, Holly, on water world.

When Leah finds her soul mate in the son of a volcano lord, she does what she can to help Qeturah save him from a dangerous curse.  But as Leah learns of Qeturah’s true objective she has to work with her otherself Holly to prevent the mirror worlds from shattering.

When beginning to read this book I was instantly drawn to Leah and the world she lived in. It was interesting and written beautifully and I couldn’t put the book down. I loved learning about Leah’s life and her struggle with her father, whom she had been looking at from a distance for so many years, wondering if he even knew about her. I could feel the pain she had and the eagerness to please him despite how he treated her.

I was so into Leah and her life that I really struggled when Holly came along. Her world (which is also the world we live in) was so different from Leah’s and in comparison Holly’s problems seemed so futile and it was hard to care for her. However, a bit into Holly’s POV I slowly began connecting with her too and she grew on me to the point that I loved reading her side just as much as Leah’s.

Nicole has written a story different from anything else I have ever read before and she built this world in such a great way that I was intrigued from the very start. I love the fact that our world is simply one of the Mirror Worlds, Water, rather than the True World. It would have been so easy to put us as “the true ones”, but Nicole didn’t and I love that.

The book is easy to read and the pacing is steady and not even once did I feel like the plot was stalling. Things happened all the time and there was always something that kept me wanting to keep reading. In the beginning I did feel like the writing was a bit too simple, too sparse in a way. I wanted more details about the world, the characters feelings etc, but as I went along I forgot about all that and found it to be more than sufficient.

This is a book I highly recommend reading, especially if you like YA and Fantasy.

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Wrap Up

  • 7.5/10
  • 7.5/10
  • 7/10
  • 6.5/10
  • 7/10


  • Great writing
  • Great plot
  • Nicely developed characters
  • Original idea
  • Great world


  • A bit slow to get into second POV

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