December 8, 2015

by Tegan Wren

Inconceivable! tells the story of Hatty, an American journalist student currently working in a small nation in Europe. Here she meets John, who turns out to be the prince of Toulene and also the future heir. From this moment we follow Hatty in what can only be described as a quite interesting love story.

I think the story quickly develops the main characters and they are easy to follow and they feel real. Hatty also has a lot of wit and independence about her that makes it a fun read. For the most part I also find the dialogue to be realistic, but there are a few part where I feel like it doesn’t read right, especially in arguments where someone can be really mean and then say “sorry” and get a “of course I forgive you” as an answer and then everything is peachy keen again. Somehow things like that puts me off a bit, arguments and other emotional conversations usually don’t end with and “ok” and then all is forgotten. One can obviously say things like that, but then I would have liked to see more of the characters inner thoughts and feelings afterwards so that I (as a reader) also can get some closure.

As I wrote before, the characters were well developed and I liked following their journey in this story, but I would have liked to see a little more consistency in some of the characters. Some of them seemed to change a lot without any reason and that sort of put me off a little bit. First in this list is John, who started out as a fun guy that seemed to do what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to go against his family, but as soon as he officially started dating Hatty he turned into a strict and boring guy who at times was sort of rude. The same goes for his family (granny and his father) who started out as rather nice people and then seemed totally heartless and cruel. I do get where they are coming from, but perhaps it would have been better to have them be kind of strict and rude from the start considering the direction they went.

The best part for me was the last half of the book when the couple actually was starting to struggle with their infertility, and I think Tegan Wren did a great job describing the feelings and the stress that infertility brings. I do however think she could have used even more time for this part of the book and made it even more in-depth in a way and still keep that light-hearted tone of the story. I did feel like it was rushed and I really wish it would have been more of the struggles and the emotions that this problems brings.

I do like this book and I can recommend it to anyone who likes to read romance novels. I do, however, feel the need to point out that I do not think the description of the book fully portrays the inside. Reading the back makes me think that this will be a story mostly focused on infertility and this couples struggles with this and how a “scandal” like this can affect a royal family. When reading the book, this storyline is more secondary than anticipated and the novel focuses more on their initial romance. It takes a lot more than halfway through before this child issue is even brought up. Definitely not a bad thing, but since the initial information about the book told a different story I was slightly disappointed and I found the first half to be very slow to get through. I would personally have preferred getting into this story at a later state, maybe right before the marriage proposal and then spend a lot more time developing the emotions the characters go through in all this.

But, that last issue put aside, I really think you should read this book. Tegan Wren has done an amazing job with this novel and I give the book 3.5 stars out of 5.

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About the author


The best compliment Tegan Wren ever received came from her sixth grade teacher: “You always have a book in your hand!”

Guided by her love of the creative process, Tegan grew up acting in theatre productions and writing poetry, short stories, and plays. She turned her eye to writing about real life when she worked as a journalist, producing reports for various radio and television stations in medium and large markets in the Midwest and also filing some stories for a major national news network. She spent several years writing online content, which ranged from creating descriptions of toilets for a retail website to composing a blog post about visiting Maui.

She’s had the opportunity to travel overseas, and uses those adventures to inform her writing. She also draws inspiration from her own struggles and life experiences. Tegan and her husband, Patrick, experienced infertility for five years before becoming parents through adoption.

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  • 6.5/10


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