The Quantum Door

October 9, 2015

by Jonathan Ballagh

This was a very interesting novel placed partly in a unique and intriguing alternate reality. I enjoyed reading about this other dimension where earth was full of machines and artificial intelligence and I think the author did an amazing job describing all of the technical aspects very nicely. There were a lot of new words and things that I had never encountered before, but I never felt confused about any of it because it was introduced in a very clear way.

The style of writing is very good and the book is easy to read and the story feels unique, which is something I value a lot. I may not have been so surprised by the way the book developed and the twists and turns in the plot was rather predictable from the start, but I still really enjoyed it.

Overall, the characters felt well developed, but I did however struggle a bit with seeing the difference between Brady and Felix. I do feel like they came out a bit too similar and they sort of had the same voice. Felix was a bit more curious though, and a bit more interesting to follow in the beginning. But as the story progressed I came to like Brady more and more even if I even in the end failed to see any change/progress in this character. Nova was the character I found to be most developed in a way and already from the start it was clear what this girl was like. I liked following her through this story and the way her character revealed more and more of this world was done in a great way.

This is definitely a novel I will recommend for those who like sci-fi and want to read what I think is a unique story. I do have to mention that I did find the book a bit slow to get into though and I had to work to get through the first half, but then things really started to happen and the second half was really enjoyable, especially part three, which was my absolute favorite.

And I cannot forget to mention the few pieces of art inside this book, they were amazing and I totally love them. If I could have one of those pieces framed on my wall, I would have. I want to see more of this art, and it would have been such a dream to have a little drawing like that at the start of every chapter.

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Wrap Up

The Quantum Door

  • 6.5/10
  • 6/10
  • 6.5/10
  • 6/10
  • 7/10


  • Easy to read
  • Unique concept
  • Good worldbuilding


  • Slow to get into

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