June 11, 2015

by Suzanne Collins

I really liked the first book, the second was OK, but the third…it was bad. Not only did it feel rushed and sloppy, it also made me care less about Katniss and what happened to her.

There was nothing happening, but at the same time there was a lot. But the things that happened rushed by so fast that there wasn’t time to think about it and there were almost no reactions to the things that happened. I had to reread so much to understand what was going on. I seemed like the plot of the story pushed the character and not as much the character causing the events. I could see “the strings behind the scene” so to speak and it was just too obvious that this was a piece of fiction written by someone rather than giving me the feeling that I followed Katniss through her experiences. The author did this so well in the first book that I’m truly surprised about the sloppiness of this third book in the series. Maybe she was rushed when she wrote it, maybe there wasn’t as much time and though put into it as in the Hunger Games. Still, I don’t think it was ready to be published, it should have been worked on some more and it could have been great.

And the ending? No, that was just awful. This book had such promise and then it just didn’t work.



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