Hunger Games

June 8, 2015

by Suzanne Collins

This book has a unique story with lots of action and suspense and you’re hooked from the start and you don’t get a chance to put the book down. The writing is simple yet descriptive and makes the reader see this strange world from Katniss’ eyes. And in the beginning I like Katniss a lot. She’s a strong young woman who stands up for herself and protests against this strange government. But the longer the story progresses, I started feeling that she turned into nothing but a whining and being completely annoying girl, still I can get how that can happen to someone being put into her situation (but I still don’t like the change and I don’t really see why it’s there).

Most of the characters felt real to me and the relationships were clear. Although I never ever got that Peeta plus Katniss feeling. There was just nothing there for me and Peeta felt false and manipulative and Katniss was immensely dense and stupid. Everyone in the book kept saying how great Peeta was and that Katniss should be lucky to have a guy like him etc, but I never saw it. What made him so amazing and special? For me it’s not enough to tell me a character is amazing, I need to be shown. Give me actions that make me like him.

Another thing in novel that seems very unrealistic to me is the fact that no one seems to stand up against the government. I get that they are living in some sort of cruel dictatorship where a wrong word can make you get killed. But thinking of parents instinct to protect their children, at least a few would do everything in their power to keep their kids from harm. Someone must have been willing to die to stop this madness, even among the people in the Capitol. Surely their must be some sort of organized resistance trying to protest? This lack of action doesn’t strike well with human nature.

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Wrap Up

Hunger Games

  • 9/10
  • 8/10
  • 7/10
  • 5/10
  • 8/10


  • OK writing
  • Unique concept
  • Easy to read
  • Good worldbuilding


  • No connection with main character
  • A bit unbelievable

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