Saving Fable
Reviews / September 30, 2019

by Scott Reintgen Scott Reintgen describes this book as a love letter to the world of literature and that’s exactly what it is. It’s a fun and adorable adventure/mystery that features all the characters that authors write their stories about, but also the characters that never get a part in a story.  We follow Indira, a character-in-waiting who’s chosen to come to Fable and study at the Protagonist Preparatory, a place where authors find the characters for their stories. But when a failed audition puts Indira as a side-character rather than a protagonist, she has to work twice as hard to prove she can be the hero of her own story.  This book is a light and fun read that never stops to surprise. The world is so interesting and when I read this book, I actually felt bad for all the characters I’ve written about and given up on and deleted in my own writing. Scott Reintgen made Fable seem to real that I wanted to go back and finish my shelved stories and give all of them the chance to shine. And I truly loved that about this book, how it hooked me and made me care so much for…

Reviews / September 23, 2019

by S. Kaeth Palon is a dragonbonded, which means that she shares the mind and life with a dragon. Her dragon partner, Windward, also shares her love for risky adventures. Together they have become renowned among their nest for their flying skill, and Palon is known to take big risks and bend the rules a little more than she probably should. And paired with her tendency to lash out, Palon’s reputation doesn’t help her when treasures from the dragons’ hoards are found in her collection. No one believes her when she tells them she’s innocent, and she’s forced to risk everything to find the true culprit and prove she was framed. I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. First of all, I want to say that this is a great book with a new take on dragons (at least for me). I found the world very interesting and the characters were well developed and there was a great plot with good twists and turns that made it interesting to read all the way to the end. So, if you like fantasy, and dragons, don’t hesitate to order a copy of this book. I’m sure…

New release – Saving Fable
Blog / September 17, 2019

by Scott Reintgen Today is the release of a great book from a really talented author, and I wanted to take a moment here and let you all know about it. It’s the book Saving Fable by Scott Reintgen. It’s a really great book and my review will be uploaded in a few days. Until then, take a look at the blurb and the gorgeous cover. Side characters can be heroes too in this charming and fast-paced adventure that is The Land of Stories meets The Phantom Tollbooth! Indira has been a character-in-waiting her entire life. So she can’t believe her luck when she’s finally chosen to travel to Fable and study at the renowned Protagonist Preparatory, a school known for producing the best heroes. But Indira’s dreams of achieving hero status don’t exactly go as planned. A failed audition lands her in the school’s side-character track, and her best efforts to prove advisors–famous characters like Alice from Wonderland and Professor Darcy–wrong are constantly sabotaged. Indira is starting to feel like an evil antagonist might be to blame. As the danger spreads, Indira discovers all of Fable is under siege. With her friends Maxi and Phoenix by her side, she…

Reviews / September 13, 2019

by Alex Austin In this book we follow actor Philip Raines as he tries to piece together what really happened when his friend Niya was shot and left in a pseudocoma. We get to follow Philip as he somehow tries to maintain a somewhat normal life after what happened while he simultaneously takes his on-screen role as a detective into the real world and searches for Niya’s attacker and the reasons someone wanted to take her life. As for Niya, she’s stuck in her hospital bed and shares the horrifying story of how she ended up in America after escaping an arranged marriage to a much older man. This book is a little outside of what I usually read, but I do enjoy a good mystery and I think this book had a lot of great twists and turns that comes with a great mystery book. It was interesting and personal and felt real in so many ways. I particularly enjoyed reading about Philip and following his investigation and even though I knew more than he did (since we also get Niya’s backstory) I never felt bored with his journey. It was a joy to read about his discoveries, and…

Cover Reveal – Windward
Blog / September 13, 2019

Today I have the honor to present the amazing cover for the upcoming book Windward, written by the talented S. Kaeth.