Heart of Malice
Reviews / August 19, 2017

by Lisa Edmonds Alice Worth is a mage, a rather powerful one too. As a child, her grandfather took advantage of that fact and, after killing her parents, forced her to do his dirty work. It was a work that included so much evil that she eventually faked her own death to escape. Now, her new life as Alice is much more peaceful, and as a PI she now uses her powers to do good. But when a routine case turns sinister, Alice must take care not to expose herself while at the same time helping her client find the truth. The first chapter of this book really turned me off and I just sighed and felt like I made a mistake to agree to reading it. I felt like it was cliché and I found lots of mistakes and things that didn’t quite make sense. But… even if I was so close to quitting there and then, I decided to read the next chapter too. And I’m so glad that I did. The second chapter was nothing like the first one and luckily the whole book continued in the same way as the second chapter. Also, the first chapter…