The Luminaries
Reviews / January 26, 2023

by Susan Dennard In this book we follow Winnie on her quest to become a hunter of nightmares. Every night the forest in Hemlock Falls turns into a deadly trap. Nightmares spawn here, and the hunters of an ancient order called the Luminaries are tasked with protecting Hemlock Falls, and the rest of the world, from these terrible creatures.  All Winnie wants is to become one of them, a task easier said than done after her father was deemed a traitor and the whole family was branded as outcast because of it. But Winnie won’t give up her dream and decides to undergo the hunter trials despite what everyone else thinks of her.  So, this book has some really great parts, and some less great parts. I think the core of the story is great, and the premise and the idea here was super interesting. These nightmares in the woods and this hidden away town and the order. There were so many great things that made me interested in the story. And I think Winnie was a good character to tell this story.  The worldbuilding is good, and it’s incorporated in the story in such a way that it doesn’t…

Reviews / August 29, 2022

by Kate Dylan. Christ that was…. predictable, but enjoyable.   In this book we follow a girl called Sil Sarrah that has a very high-tech supercomputer grafted to her brain. This special computer with its accompanying AI Jarvis, allows her to see and analyze the world around her in seconds. A necessary skill needed to perform her job as a Walker for the Syntex corporation, which means to rescue their field agents by entering their minds and taking control of their bodies. And Sil is the best they’ve ever seen. There’s only one problem, Walkers don’t live past 19 and Sil’s time’s running out. And when she’s framed and branded a traitor, she runs for her life, determined to prove she’s innocent. But when she uncovers a secret that threatens to destroy everything she’s ever worked for, she’s forced to decide where her allegiances lie. So, I listened to this as an audiobook, and I have to say I’m happily surprised. This book was really good and filled with tension and action, and I really enjoyed listening to it.  This story is set in a future America, and I think it was described very nicely with enough details that I could…

The Darkening
Reviews / July 19, 2022

by Sunya Mara. I listened to this book as an audiobook, and I must say that I really enjoyed it.  We follow a character named Vesper Vale. Who I in all honesty thought was named Vespa until I read the blurb for this book just and realized the narrator of the audiobook clearly pronounced the “er” closer to “a”. Oh well, it makes little difference here.  Versper is the daughter of failed revolutionaries, and she’s hiding away with her father together with people who’s been touched by the Storm. It’s a dark and dangerous storm that turns people who touch it into cursed creatures.  When Vesper tries to save a mother and her child from the storm, she ends up caught by it, and her father is forced to use his skill in icons to save Vesper from certain death. The only problem with that is he now reveals his location and puts a target on his and Vesper’s back.  While trying to get away, Vesper’s father gets taken away by Prince Dalca and Vesper swears to do whatever it takes to get her father back alive.  It’s a wonderful premise and a really good opening of the book that…

A Taste of Gold and Iron
Reviews / July 19, 2022

by Alexandra Rowland.  In this book we follow Kadou, the shy prince of Arasht, and his bodyguards as they investigate a break-in and tries to find the source of counterfeit money. So, this is a somewhat hard review to write because I’m honestly not sure what the book was about. It’s a book with some great elements, but also some less great ones.  Let’s start with the plot. There’s some sort of mystery at the core of this story. Counterfeit money has been found, and Kadou must find where they are from before this money spreads and his country loses its good reputation. It’s a good premise, but it’s like nothing happens. Things move at such a slow pace that we lose what’s happening and it all just becomes confusing, and every twist that happens are so obvious that it doesn’t even feel like a twist.  I kept reading and reading and it felt like I’d been doing so forever, and then I was still at just 20% or something. It was a pain to get through at times because there was nothing interesting happening.  In the end, the plot didn’t do anything for the story and it would have…

The Gilded Wolves
Reviews / June 21, 2022

by Roshani Chokshi. This is a very interesting and well-developed book that not only has a diverse and interesting group of characters, but also a very good heist-like plotline that has you intrigued from the beginning until the end.  I really like how diverse the characters are, they have very different personalities that makes this story feel very real. It’s rare to have people who are so different working together in YA books, and it’s refreshing that many of us can find someone to relate to in this book. And every character has a lot to bring to the story, too. It’s not like they are just there to be diverse, as I’ve found in many other books. Here, everyone has a role to play, an important role at that, and the story, and the plot, wouldn’t work without each and every character and their special skills and personality. Are they perfect? No. There are times when I feel like they come across as a little forced, a little too much “look how inclusive this book is”, which also makes the characters at times feel a little like caricatures. But I think that listening to this book rather than reading…

Reviews / June 8, 2022

by Adalyn Grace. In this book we follow a young woman called Signa Farrow. She’s lived a life haunted by Death. More or less her whole family died when she was just a baby. But Signa cannot die, which not only made her the sole heir to a fortune, but gave her a connection to Death and the world beyond the living. One by one of Signa’s (very unfitting) guardians is taken by Death, making Signa more and more lonely and angry with Death. But when Signa is sent to Thorn Grove to live with her last remaining relatives, the Hawthornes, she stumbles upon angered spirits, strange illnesses, and an array of eccentric people with plenty of secrets. Soon Signa realizes that the illnesses are in fact unnatural, and that the death isn’t natural. To solve the murder and bring peace back to Thorn Grove, Signa has to make an alliance with Death himself. So, this was an interesting read with some very good elements.  I find that the writing is detailed and at times poetic and a bit “old”, which fits the story since it takes place somewhere in the 1800s. I did find it a bit jarring to…

The Merciless Ones
Reviews / May 31, 2022

by Namina Forna. This is going to be a very quick and short review, because I can’t really express my disappointment of this sequel. I really loved the first book in the series and I gave it five stars. That was a fast paced and action-filled novel with great characters and a great plot. Here, I’m not sure what’s going on because nothing happens. It’s so slow and just goes on and on and the characters all of a sudden feels super flat and the plot never grabs hold. It was a pain to get though. It’s like it’s too slow and too fast at the same time. It’s like the characters we got to know in the first book isn’t here anymore. They are flat and boring and sound the same and there are no stakes whatsoever that matters to me as a reader. Why should I care if they succeed in their mission? Why should I care if they all die? I’m not given any reason to like the characters, to understand why they are doing what they are doing. It really breaks my heart to write this review and to say these things about a sequel to a…

Nettle & Bone
Reviews / March 25, 2022

by  T. Kingfisher. This is an adult fantasy novel where we follow our main character Marra, who’s the youngest princess of three in a small insignificant kingdom. The middle sister is married to the prince of the Northern Kingdoms to prevent a war. Only problem is that this prince, soon turned king, is abusive and has already killed Marra’s oldest sister.  Now, Marra is determined to not only avenge her dead sister, but also save her sister Kania from the same fate before it’s too late. To help her with killing the prince, she enlists a powerful gravewitch, her reluctant fairy godmother, and strapping former knight called Fenris. Together, they embark on a dark and magical journey to end the reign of a bloodline protected by some powerful magic.  I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, and I honestly picked it up mostly because of the really great looking cover. As soon as I started this book, I was thinking I’d made a mistake. I found the opening chapters confusing and hard to read and so strange that I wasn’t sure what I was reading.  It had some really interesting elements to it, and I wanted…

This Vicious Grace
Reviews / March 3, 2022

by Emily Thiede. In this book we follow Alessa who’s been chosen by the goddess Dea as their next Finestra. A person who has the power to amplify the magic of those blessed with it. The reason for this is so that she, together with the blessed partner (Fonte) of her choosing, can save the people of Saverio when the unnatural armies of Crollo attacks in a recurring event called Diverando.  But becoming Finestra means not only luxury and fame but shedding all ties to your old life and live in solitude and isolation until Diverando. For Alessa, that’s a fate worse than death. And death is something she’s become familiar with because she’s proven to be controlled by her power rather than her controlling it, which means the next Fonte of her choosing might be the fourth that dies by her hand.  This was another unexpected hit for me. I had heard nothing of this book before I picked it up, and I hadn’t even read the blurb for it. It’s a wonderful and easy book to read, it’s full of tension and stakes and a ticking clock to an epic battle you in all honesty don’t know how…

A Lesson in Venegance
Reviews / February 9, 2022

by Victoria Lee In this book we follow Felicity who’s a student at Dalloway. She lives in a house together with four other girls. Felicity is a senior, who not only had to do her senior year twice, but who also had to be institutionalized because of an incident during her time at the school where her girlfriend Alex died. Felicity feels responsible for Alex’s death because she believes she’d conjured the malevolent spirit of a rumored witch. This year, she’s determined to let the past stay in the past and graduate without incidents. But then Felicity meets writer prodigy Ellis who she forms a close friendship with, and history seems to repeat itself when the ghost of her ex-girlfriend seems to haunt her.  I’d read about this book prior to reading it, and I loved the idea of dark academia and secret societies and what not. But as I started to read it, I was both happily surprised by the ease of reading, but also disappointed in the overall feel.  In the beginning, this read like a Ninth House fanfic, and honestly it didn’t help that the dead girlfriend’s name was Alex (which is also the name of the…