Reviews / April 10, 2015

by Marie Lu This will be the shortest review ever, but I honestly can’t even remember what the book was about. The moment I finished the last page, all of it was just gone. I think this book was a terrible ending to a terrible series. Totally forgettable and a waste of time. Sorry.

Reviews / April 9, 2015

by Marie Lu I only read this because I had bought the whole trilogy in a box set. I didn’t like the first one (it was simply ok), but this was a real fight to read. I didn’t feel any connection to the characters, not their story or the plot. The writing isn’t bad though, it’s just that the story doesn’t work for me at all. I read it in the end of 2014 and today, about 6 months later, when I am writing this, I don’t even remember what it was about. That’s the kind of impact it had on me.

Reviews / April 8, 2015

by Marie Lu I probably had set my expectations too high when getting this book because I got very disappointed. Not only did I find the story to be slow and hard to keep track of, there were just not enough momentum to keep my interest. I forced myself to read it and struggled with completing at least one chapter each night. The book is also riddled with completely unnecessary parts that could easily have been deleted from the book. I mean seriously, what’s the point in having a 1000 word long scene describing the main characters dream and then ending it with something in the line of: “and then I woke up and don’t remember a thing”? Then whyyyy did I have to read about it? It doesn’t do anything to the story, nor to the characters development, it’s just rambling. There were good parts in it for sure and it’s definitely not the worst I have read, but I just can’t see the hype and the praise it got.

Red Rising
Reviews / March 19, 2015

by Pierce Brown I absolutely loved this book. Mostly I loved Sevro though, he was just amazing. That attitude, that wit…what a guy. So funny. He made the severity of the novel less depressing. Darrow was all right too, he’s kind of annoying though, but I still like him and I want him to make it. I love the world, the plot and well…everything. It’s unique and I like that. We’re on Mars and there’s this strange society of people and slaves and workers. But the setting of this book in particular takes place in some sort of school where only the strongest will survive and every day is a fight. One could draw parallels to Hunger Games and other books like that from the premise, but please don’t. This is something different, something so much better. This feels real and the way Pierce Brown makes the readers feel for these characters are simply amazing. No one is perfect in this book and it doesn’t feel like you’ve just placed a bunch of stereotypical high school kids in a bad place (like a lot of other books like this sometimes do), but here everyone feels so real and so flawed…