Purebred – First Draft
Blog / August 5, 2015

A few days ago I finally managed to complete the first draft of my WIP called Purebred. I set out to both start and finish the draft in July, but ended up missing my goal with just three days. On August 3rd I wrote the final word and I have to say it felt really good, despite the fact that I didn’t meet my goal. But who cares, the draft is done now and I am happy about that. I tried something a little bit different this time, and instead of writing a lot of stuff I decided to try and narrow it down a bit and just stick to the basic stuff I wanted in the novel. When I wrote Hunted my first draft ended up being 130k words, which was way too much and since then I have struggled so much with cutting and finding ways to get to the point without all of those words. And as I said, it has been difficult. So for Purebred I finished at only 50k words for the first draft, with the intention of adding more. I figured that maybe it would be easier to add stuff, rather than take it…

August TBR
Blog , TBR / August 3, 2015

So I will not really be one of those people who read like fifteen books in a month, I think I’m rather a 2-3 books per month kind of girl. Not that I wouldn’t want to read fifteen, but writing is what I love the most and therefor it’s also what takes up most of my time. So, with that said, let me introduce my August TBR list. First up is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas This is a book I just recently heard of and I am excited to try it out. I haven’t read to much about it since I want to go in with an open mind and discover this world for myself. Hopefully I like it. One thing I have to mention though is my disappointment when I saw the main characters name. A long time ago, I started a fantasy series that have a main character (an elf hunter) with the name Zeléna (not the same name, but pretty close though), and I’ve been planning to finish that series very soon. I have lived with my character for over sixteen years, and the name feels impossible to change at this point. Is it…

First Graphic Novel – Nimona
Blog , Book Haul , TBR / July 26, 2015

I never ever thought I would read a graphic novel, but after watching way too many TBR videos on YouTube and seeing all these great reviews of graphic novels I guess I changed my mind. So today I ordered the graphic novel Nimona by Noelle Stevenson. It’ll get here in a few days, so then I’ll read it and see what it is. Maybe I’ll actually like it, who knows. You can get it at Amazon.

Book order
Blog , Book Haul / July 25, 2015

A few days ago I went to Geoffery Storm’s Website and ordered his novel Progeny of Gods, which I am really excited about. The book was super cheap, I mean how can one even sell a book for $9? Maybe books here in Sweden are just overly priced, cause I found $9 to be super cheap. But I am really glad that the book wasn’t more expensive since I had to pay loads for the shipping. That’s what happens when you decide to live at the end of the world, and this time the shipping was $16, so almost twice as much as the book. I would have considered getting the E-Book instead, had the cover not been so incredibly amazing. I just had to have this book and it didn’t really matter the cost at this point. I also did read the first chapter free on Amazon, and it was great. I love the writing so far and I can’t wait to get this book. Visit Geoffery Storm to get your own copy.

July TBR/Wrap Up
Blog , TBR , Wrap Up / July 24, 2015

Ok, so this month is already over, but I am still hoping I can manage to complete one more book. I am currently reading Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson, but I haven’t really gotten that far in yet, so I am not sure whether I’ll be able to finish it before August begins. So far I am kind of getting a bit of an X-men feeling, which unfortunately isn’t a good feeling to have. Not that I have anything against X-men, I rather love X-men series, but it’s already done. But, hopefully Brandon will surprise me as I get further into the novel. Which he most likely will and I am sure I’ll love this book (I was so sure I even got the sequel before starting the this first one). It’s not like July has been “reading free”, but the stuff I have been reading isn’t published yet, so I can’t really talk about it. I’ve been doing quite a lot of Beta Reading and stuff like that too, and combined with a total of 60k words written on my new novel (Resistance) there hasn’t been much time for anything else. I did read two books this month and those…

Writer’s Blog
Blog / July 23, 2015

I woke up during the night one day and just had he idea that I should make a website dedicated to my book reviews and to my own writing. So even if I tend to be a very lazy blogger, I thought ‘why not’. So here goes. At first this place will probably be a bit empty and boring, but I hope to fill it with some good stuff eventually. Until then, all I can tell you so far is that I am currently working on two different novels that I hope to publish sometime later this year. One of them is finished to the extent that it’s now being sent to an editor. Then there’s this whole thing about revisions and all, but maybe you can get it before the end of the year. More information about my novels will be added to this page in time.