The Savior’s Champion
Reviews / April 5, 2022

by Jenna Moreci. In this book we follow Tobias, who finds himself forced to partake in a deadly tournament where the winner gets to marry the The Savior. The woman who rules the realm. He doesn’t care much for her, and he definitely does not want to marry her, but competing for her hand is his only chance to save his family. But the tournament means death for most people, and Tobias is vastly outmatched by many of the other men, and has to fight to stay alive. And as if the tournament wasn’t dire enough, Tobias begins to fall for someone other than the woman who’s hand he’s fighting for. A complication that not only put his life in danger, but that of her too. I’ve been wanting to read this book for some time, and now finally I found the time for it. This was an unexpected hit for me, not that I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I hadn’t expected to like it as much as I did. I found it interesting to read a book from a male perspective, and I think the author did a good job making it feel believable being in the…

Nettle & Bone
Reviews / March 25, 2022

by  T. Kingfisher. This is an adult fantasy novel where we follow our main character Marra, who’s the youngest princess of three in a small insignificant kingdom. The middle sister is married to the prince of the Northern Kingdoms to prevent a war. Only problem is that this prince, soon turned king, is abusive and has already killed Marra’s oldest sister.  Now, Marra is determined to not only avenge her dead sister, but also save her sister Kania from the same fate before it’s too late. To help her with killing the prince, she enlists a powerful gravewitch, her reluctant fairy godmother, and strapping former knight called Fenris. Together, they embark on a dark and magical journey to end the reign of a bloodline protected by some powerful magic.  I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, and I honestly picked it up mostly because of the really great looking cover. As soon as I started this book, I was thinking I’d made a mistake. I found the opening chapters confusing and hard to read and so strange that I wasn’t sure what I was reading.  It had some really interesting elements to it, and I wanted…

This Vicious Grace
Reviews / March 3, 2022

by Emily Thiede. In this book we follow Alessa who’s been chosen by the goddess Dea as their next Finestra. A person who has the power to amplify the magic of those blessed with it. The reason for this is so that she, together with the blessed partner (Fonte) of her choosing, can save the people of Saverio when the unnatural armies of Crollo attacks in a recurring event called Diverando.  But becoming Finestra means not only luxury and fame but shedding all ties to your old life and live in solitude and isolation until Diverando. For Alessa, that’s a fate worse than death. And death is something she’s become familiar with because she’s proven to be controlled by her power rather than her controlling it, which means the next Fonte of her choosing might be the fourth that dies by her hand.  This was another unexpected hit for me. I had heard nothing of this book before I picked it up, and I hadn’t even read the blurb for it. It’s a wonderful and easy book to read, it’s full of tension and stakes and a ticking clock to an epic battle you in all honesty don’t know how…

Rule of Wolves
Reviews / February 22, 2022

by Leigh Bardugo. This is a review I’ve been waiting a long time to write. I preordered this book and got it on launch day, but haven’t gotten to reading it until now. And boy have I missed Leigh Bardugo’s writing. This is the sequel to King of Scars, which followes king Nikolai, Zoya and Nina on their journey to basically save their country Ravka.  As usual, Leigh Bardugo has a way with weaving multiple characters into a story in a compelling and interesting way. The plot is perhaps not anything groundbreaking and new, but it’s a solid story that leads our characters from one point to the other. But the brilliant thing about this book is its characters. They are well developed and lovable, and we get a few bonus appearances from old favorites.  The main romance in this book is one of the best I’ve read in a long time. It’s done well and for the first time in a long time I actually wanted and hoped that things would work out for the couple in question. I’m not going to spoil anything, so I won’t give away what I thought of the end result, but nevertheless, the…

A Lesson in Venegance
Reviews / February 9, 2022

by Victoria Lee In this book we follow Felicity who’s a student at Dalloway. She lives in a house together with four other girls. Felicity is a senior, who not only had to do her senior year twice, but who also had to be institutionalized because of an incident during her time at the school where her girlfriend Alex died. Felicity feels responsible for Alex’s death because she believes she’d conjured the malevolent spirit of a rumored witch. This year, she’s determined to let the past stay in the past and graduate without incidents. But then Felicity meets writer prodigy Ellis who she forms a close friendship with, and history seems to repeat itself when the ghost of her ex-girlfriend seems to haunt her.  I’d read about this book prior to reading it, and I loved the idea of dark academia and secret societies and what not. But as I started to read it, I was both happily surprised by the ease of reading, but also disappointed in the overall feel.  In the beginning, this read like a Ninth House fanfic, and honestly it didn’t help that the dead girlfriend’s name was Alex (which is also the name of the…

The Last Legacy
Reviews / January 29, 2022

by Adrienne Young Bryn Roth has been raised by her great-aunt to charm important men, to plot and scheme. Her destiny is to return to Bastian and the Roth family where she’ll finally take her place in her long-lost family. But the Roths doesn’t turn out to be quite the family Bryn had expected, and she has to use all her wits to get accepted by the family without losing the woman she wants to be, and to make herself so indisposable that her life won’t be bartered with.  That introduction to this book may not have been the most enticing when it comes to this book. But, honestly, I was struggling to summarize what the book was actually about. Usually, that’s a bad thing. It means I didn’t find a lof of meaning to the book. This was, however, not the case with The Last Legacy. I truly enjoyed this read. It was a solid book with an interesting plot and well developed characters and an equally well developed world. So, I’m not quite sure why I struggle to write a decent blurb. I found the book a little slow in the beginning. It took a while to get…

Only a Monster
Reviews / January 23, 2022

by Vanessa Len In this book we follow Joan who’s spending the summer at her Gran’s place. She’s sixteen and is just about to go on a date with Nick, a nerdy boy that she’s had a crush on for some time.  But while she’s waiting for him to arrive for the date something strange happens, Joan appears to have missed the whole day, but she can’t remember a thing. That’s when Gran tells her the truth. Joan is a monster. And monsters can steal time from humans and travel through time.  As Joan tries to explain to Nick without telling him the truth, she learns something even worse. Nick isn’t just any human. He’s the hero that kills the monsters.  This was a huge and delightful surprise for me. This book had me hooked from the first chapter until the very end. I’m the kind of person who read in bed before I fall asleep, and this is the kind of book that makes me go to bed early just so I can read a little more. On top of that, I couldn’t put it down after I reached the 60% mark and had to finish the whole thing…

Book of Sand
Reviews / January 17, 2022

by Theo Clare I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  I thought the premise of this book was really intriguing, and it was pretty decent in the beginning. We follow two parallel stories here, one featuring Spider and his family group as they navigate a very strange desert landscape where dangerous djinni threatens to end them. Then we also follow McKenzie, who’s a teen in USA who apparently dreams of deserts, sees lizards that no one else can see and has a family that seems to be keeping some serious secrets from her.  I could never really get into Spider’s story. I found it repetitive and boring without any real progress. There was just too many words to tell the story, which made it hard to keep focus, and I kept wanting to skim through it all the time.  While Spider’s parts were just confusing and strange, McKenzie’s part, however, had more of a mystery element to it. Why did she have these visions, these dreams? Who is this person who claims to also see and feel the same things she does? This mystery was what kept me reading. I wanted the answers.  Even though McKenzie’s…

Once Upon a Broken Heart
Reviews / August 7, 2021

by Stephanie Garber This book … I don’t know how to better describe it than to say that it was a very delightful surprise.  I have not read any of Stephanie Garber’s previous books (Caraval etc.), and I had no idea when getting into this book that it was set in the same world. I don’t know why, but I had gotten the idea that it was a completely different series set in a new world. However, I can’t say that I missed anything because of this. The only reasons I even realized that this was in the same world as Caraval was because of some Caraval fan art that was shared on Instagram and the name of one character was the same as one in Once Upon a Broken Heart. So, what I mean is that you definitely do no need to read Caraval before this book to enjoy it.  So, on to the actual review. As I got into this book, I was really surprised by the style of writing. It was so odd in a way that intrigued me. It’s written very much like a fairytale. And the strange thing was that as I was reading I…

Unravel the Dusk
Reviews / July 11, 2021

by Elizabeth Lim This is the sequel to Spin the Dawn, and I can’t really tell you much what the book is about without spoiling the first book in the series, so I’ll just dig into my thoughts here.  In Spin the Dawn, I had some issues with the fact that the love interest was +500 years old and how it all was a bit too generic and overall pretty boring. It was a solid read with pretty decent worldbuilding and an okay plot. But, to be honest, I was pretty unenthusiastic going in to it.  But I was so wrong. This sequel was really good. And I flew through it, not wanting to stop reading until the end.  Unlike the previous book, this had a clear plot with high stakes and there was a lot more focus on the main character and her journey. This time she had to fight not only the demons threatening to ruin the country, but also the demon within herself.  I loved how the women of this book stood out and showed not only the reader, but the people in their world what equality is, that they fought for themselves, for their country and…