September 23, 2019

by S. Kaeth

Palon is a dragonbonded, which means that she shares the mind and life with a dragon. Her dragon partner, Windward, also shares her love for risky adventures. Together they have become renowned among their nest for their flying skill, and Palon is known to take big risks and bend the rules a little more than she probably should. And paired with her tendency to lash out, Palon’s reputation doesn’t help her when treasures from the dragons’ hoards are found in her collection. No one believes her when she tells them she’s innocent, and she’s forced to risk everything to find the true culprit and prove she was framed.

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

First of all, I want to say that this is a great book with a new take on dragons (at least for me). I found the world very interesting and the characters were well developed and there was a great plot with good twists and turns that made it interesting to read all the way to the end. So, if you like fantasy, and dragons, don’t hesitate to order a copy of this book. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

In the book we meet Palon who’s bonded to a dragon called Windward. They love flying and adventure and just the feeling of being free and unstoppable really. Despite only knowing Windward through the feelings and emotions that he telepathically transfers to Palon, I still get a good sense of their relationship and Windwards personality. I think the author did a great job in making this relationship feel real.

I also found the world very interesting, and even though most of the novel actually took place inside the nest I never felt like it got boring in any way. There were constantly things happening that I never thought much about wanting a change in scenery here. Which I think shows that the story didn’t need a lot of fancy descriptions of the world and detailed scenery to be great, it can stand tall and proud as it is.

The plot was well thought out and had interesting things happening thought out the book and the relationship between the main characters felt genuine and believable. 

I do like the writing a lot here and it fits the story and the genre well. That said, this is the kind of book that demands your full attention at all times. Which is why I, personally, found it a little hard, or rather slow, to read at times. It has a lot of very long paragraphs of text with little to no dialogue, and a lot of details are pressed into these paragraphs, which makes it slow and sometimes painstakingly hard to get through. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing either. It just depends of what you like as a reader, and for a fantasy novel, this is not something unusual. This is how most fantasy books are written, and they are rarely made for speed-reading. So, even though I’m commenting on it here in my review, this is not something that’s going to affect my final rating of the book. Personally, I just prefer books that are easy to read, which is basically books that you more or less can skim through and still not miss much of importance.

For the most part I truly enjoyed the whole story and all that it brought, but there was one thing that got on my nerves a little. And that was how everyone completely refused to think rationally about the thefts and who did it, and it ended up feeling a little too forced for me. It was too obvious, too much “in your face” that Palon was being suspected here. She had valid points when she tried to object and share her suspicions that she was framed, but everyone just turned their backs on her and told her to stop lying because the asshole of the nest says she’s guilty. It was too obvious that she didn’t do it, and for everyone in the nest to be so blind was just unbelievable to the point of ridiculousness.

The other thing that was a little hard for me was all the names. There are a lot of dragons and bonded mentioned in the book at it was difficult to keep track of them and remember who was who and which one was bonded to what dragon. In the end, I don’t think that it really mattered that much. The most important characters got through and the others remained as a blur in the background a little. Perhaps it wasn’t necessary to even include all the characters that was mentioned, maybe it would have been clearer with fewer names. Then again, I know I’m totally useless when it comes to remembering names and characters, so it might perhaps just be me being me here. 

I liked Palon’s mate the best as a character, and I feel like he was a great counterpart to Palon. She’s very impulsive and emotional and often lashes out, while her mate was calm and more of a thinker who reasons and make calculated decisions. I would have liked to see more of him in the book. He’s actually there the whole time, but I wanted him to step out of Palon’s shadow and take on a bigger role. His calm demeanor would have balanced out a lot of the heated and emotional decisions that drives this book. But that said, I also love the emotions and the heat. It brings the story and the characters forward and is ultimately what makes Palon change and realize what matters. 

Even though this ended up a super long review, I don’t want to leave this without saying that I loved the ending and how the author managed to wrap up all the threads in the story in a great way. Love me a good ending.     

Get this book if you haven’t already. It’s available on Amazon.

Wrap Up


  • 7/10
  • 6.5/10
  • 6.5/10
  • 6.5/10
  • 7/10


  • Interesting world
  • Well developed characters
  • Good ending
  • Great worldbuilding


  • A little slow to get into
  • A lot of characters
  • Demands full attention
  • Some reactions felt forced

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