August Wrap Up and PitchWars

August 31, 2015

This month has not only been better reading wise than I had expected it to be, I actually managed to get through three books this month (and I didn’t even try very hard), but it has also been full of new friends and lots of fun on Twitter (you can read more about that at the end of this post).

The only book from my TBR post that I didn’t read was A Quest Of Heroes by Morgan Rice. Instead I read Progency of Gods by Geoffrey Storm, which arrived much sooner than I had anticipated.

The first book that I finished was Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. And even though I didn’t love it, I definitely liked it. The plot didn’t do much for me, and neither did Celaena, but the writing took me by surprise and I loved it. I liked it so much that I just ordered the remaining three books in the series (not the prequel though). It’ll be fun to keep reading this series. I have posted a compete review of this book on the blog, and on Goodreads.

The second book i read was Progency of Gods by Geoffrey Storm, which I liked. Again, it wasn’t one of those books I struggled to put down, but still very much worth reading and the world is amazing. The full review can be found on the blog and on Goodreads.

The third, and final, book I read this month was Firefight by Brandon Sanderson. I liked this book better than the first one to be honest, so it’s a great sequel. I’ll post my full review any day now.

So, about Twitter… I randomly found the #PitchWars tag on Twitter this month and had no idea what it was, but a lot of the writers that I followed on Twitter seemed to be tweeting about this. So I went to check it out. It turned out to be a contest where a few lucky winners get a mentor to help them develop their novel. A great opportunity I though, and decided to give it a try. So I spent a few days polishing my novel Purebred and submitted it. Then all the fun began and I ended up stalking the twitter feed like crazy and got a lot of tips and support from other amazing people who also had submitted their manuscripts. The chances that I’ll be the one picked are rather slim, but it doesn’t matter. It was worth a try and without trying and putting yourself out there, you’ll never get anywhere. So thank you #PitchWars for the chance to get into the writers community and get friends.

I also made a new cover for my novel this month. Still experimenting though, and maybe one day I’ll make that perfect cover and be happy with it. Until then, anything can happen.


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