Reviews / August 29, 2022

by Kate Dylan. Christ that was…. predictable, but enjoyable.   In this book we follow a girl called Sil Sarrah that has a very high-tech supercomputer grafted to her brain. This special computer with its accompanying AI Jarvis, allows her to see and analyze the world around her in seconds. A necessary skill needed to perform her job as a Walker for the Syntex corporation, which means to rescue their field agents by entering their minds and taking control of their bodies. And Sil is the best they’ve ever seen. There’s only one problem, Walkers don’t live past 19 and Sil’s time’s running out. And when she’s framed and branded a traitor, she runs for her life, determined to prove she’s innocent. But when she uncovers a secret that threatens to destroy everything she’s ever worked for, she’s forced to decide where her allegiances lie. So, I listened to this as an audiobook, and I have to say I’m happily surprised. This book was really good and filled with tension and action, and I really enjoyed listening to it.  This story is set in a future America, and I think it was described very nicely with enough details that I could…